• Sz in a Hexagon. Sz is short for Siouxzi

    Sz Donnelly

    Content Strategy and Experience Design Leader


  • What I Do

    I create user-centered experiences that drive business growth while delivering value back to the community.


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    Strategy. Creation. Governance.

    • Content Strategy & Guidelines
    • Taxonomy
    • UX, Copy & Technical Writing
    • Editorial & Training
    • Marketing & Social Media
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    Double Diamond Principles.

    • Human-Centered Design
    • Research & Analysis
    • User Journeys
    • Prototypes & Wireframes
    • Information Architecture
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    Collaboration. Mentorship.

    • Design Lead
    • Workshop Facilitator
    • Product Management
    • Project Management
    • Team Management
  • Let's start with what you really want to know...

    How do you pronounce Sz? Simply, Suzy, short for Suzanne.


    I love riding bikes, painting umbrellas and learning how to do new things (like refinishing a piano). I organize Kidical Mass rides where I empower kids and families to safely ride bicycles in their communities. I lead a Girl Scout troop that is focused on camping, public service, and caring for the earth. I laugh daily with my family and have a tendency to make up songs about whatever I am doing at that moment.

    I've been building digital moments for 15 years.

    Teams call on me to untangle big problems on time-sensitive projects. I've been the content strategist, experience designer, IA, and design lead on projects of all sizes. I've created global and localized B2B enterprise experiences, internal business hubs, brand system centers, e-commerce sites, native apps, chatbots, and big data platform experiences.


    I care deeply about crafting a great experience for front and back-end users—because a great digital experience today won't stay that way if people hate maintaining it.


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  • Shoutouts

    These very nice people wanted you to know...

    Her innate ability to organize information as well as her calm cooperative nature make her an absolute pleasure to work with.

    - David Weyer

    I credit Sz with opening my eyes to the value of the content management role in large-scale web development projects and also for setting a very high bar in that role.

    -Mattie Langenberg

    Sz is a master at pulling together mass amounts of information and distilling it into easy-to-use and easy-to understand formats.

    - Scott Munn