• Siouxzi Donnelly

    Content Strategist | UX Designer

  • Great interactive experiences don't just happen. 

    You make them happen.


    With bold vision and strategic planning,

    insightful research and thoughtful messaging,

    I can help.


  • Content Strategy

    The right message. Presented the right way.

    Right when users need it.


    I craft actionable plans & accomplish-able workflows;

    Lead rich, relevant & timely content development;

    Untangle data puzzles; and

    Tend to every microscopic content detail.


    To explore some of my content strategies:

    User Experience Design

    Sometimes we have to look sideways

    to find the right way to build something.


    I ask hard questions;

    Research & consider the unexpected;

    Define powerful taxonomies & IA paths; and

    Design user-focused optimized systems.


    To experience my designs:

    Incite Delight

    "I thought it was a dream. It wasn't a dream!"

    - Mai & Satsuki My Neighbor Totoro


    I demystify business wants & industry opportunities;

    Research & map the path from dream to reality;

    Lead with a firm (but friendly) style; and

    Build & deliver on KPIs.


    To learn about my marketing triumphs:

  • About Me

  • Let's start with what you really want to know... 

    How do you pronounce Siouxzi? Basically, it's Suzy. Feel free to shorten it to Sz.

    I've been building digital moments

    for 15 years.

    I've been the strategist, the content manager, the UXD and the IA on projects big and small. From mom-and-pop sites to Fortune 100 brand system centers, I've created global and localized B2B enterprise experiences, internal business hubs and national B2C e-commerce sites.


    I'm deeply passionate about crafting a great experience for both front-end and back-end users because a great digital experience today won't be a great one tomorrow if it's not properly maintained.


    What else?


    I'm somewhat geeky, love riding bikes, painting umbrellas and making things (so many things). I lead Kidical Mass rides and a Girl Scout troop in my community. I laugh daily with my family and am known to make up songs about whatever I am doing at that moment.


    Want to know more? Contact me, I love a good conversation.


  • People like working with me.

    What do my colleagues think about my work?

    Check out my LinkedIn for more

    Her innate ability to organize information as well as her calm cooperative nature make her an absolute pleasure to work with.

    - David Weyer

    I credit Siouxzi with opening my eyes to the value of the content management role in large scale web development projects and also for setting a very high bar in that role.

    -Mattie Langenberg

    Siouxzi is a master at pulling together mass amounts of information and distilling it into easy-to-use and easy-to understand formats.

    -Scott Munn